Brooklyn Amp+


Brooklyn AMP+



Several years ago our engineers frowned upon the message that it was time to finally make a more than decent sounding Class-D amplifier. Knowing their stuff, they needn’t think twice before they committed to the whole idea. After weeks and weeks of intense listening, soldering, listening, computing and some more listening, they finally came up with the design of the original Brooklyn AMP. At least that is what they decided to name it after they found out they would be able to cram the whole thing inside the chassis of the original Brooklyn DAC. Well almost, since they only needed 1 inch more depth. This form factor in combination with the unbelievable sound simply is unheard of. And then they improved on the whole idea. The name just needed a + to indicate some huge improvements like improved frequency response, less distortion and an even more analog sound, resulting in a deeper and larger soundstage.  You will be blown away by 2x 1200Watts of pure musicality of the AMP+. The compact half width of the AMP+ makes it the perfect companion for the DAC+ and Bridge and will bring to you the complete audiophile package. While driving even the more difficult loudspeakers, it is like listening to a triode Class-A design. Uncanny…

The Brooklyn AMP+ sells for € 2.495,-

The Brooklyn AMP+ is the perfect partner both Brooklyn DAC+ and the Brooklyn Bridge and offers even serious music lovers the opportunity to experience true high fidelity. Forget about hi-res formats or talking about numbers only, and find out for yourself how modern designs can satisfy the most demanding listeners. You’ll be amazed.

Major upgrade to the original AMP

The Brooklyn AMP+ is a mayor upgrade of the already amazing sounding original Brooklyn AMP. It sounds even more open, natural, dynamic and precise than its predecessor.

Better Class-D performance

The Brooklyn AMP+ features new faster transistors and both faster and higher carrier clock at 650kHz, resulting in improved low level detail and lower distortion. Furthermore we managed to increase the output filter drastically for lighter highs and better accommodation of more difficult loads. The Brooklyn AMP+ will prove to be the best possible poweramp option for most current preamplifiers, irrespective of brand.

Balanced, Dual Mono design

The internal circuitry of the Brooklyn AMP+ is fully balanced and dual mono to ensure the most proper way of handling the audio signal. It will give even the best Class-A amplifiers a serious run for their money.

Put the Power in Amplifier

Apart from being compact and lightweight, the Brooklyn AMP+ is very powerful. It will drive even the most difficult of loudspeakers to the max of their performance and make them sing like never before.





  • small half width form factor
  • perfect companion for Brooklyn DAC+ and Brooklyn Bridge
  • dual mono 2x 250W @ 8Ω, 2x 400W @ 2 Ohm
  • signal to noise ratio of 121dB
  • frequency response 10Hz to 30kHz
  • total harmonic distortion less than 0.01%
  • damping factor higher than 400
  • solid aluminium front
  • matt black and frosted silver
  • weight: 3,0 kg
  • dimensions: 216 x 225 x 44mm
  • 2 years warranty
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