Brooklyn DAC+


Brooklyn DAC+



Don’t be fooled by the compact form factor of this Swiss knife of DACs. Based on its predecessor without the +, the Brooklyn DAC+ packs serious power and possibilities in its modest half width size. While the original Brooklyn DAC brought us name and fame, the DAC+ elevated that to an even higher level by implementing a new chipset, better components in the analog stage and a dual mono analog signal path. What you get in return is more transparency, detail and definition. The Brooklyn DAC+ is the perfect solution for music lovers and gives them a killer digital preamp, with a superbly sounding headphone preamp including an MM/MC phono stage, and a USB DA converter suited to play all known formats and more. The DAC+ digital inputs can handle hi-res music including MQA (up to 384kHz PCM, DSD256) with an impressive 130dB of Dynamic Range This baby does it all, and plays circles around its peers that cost up to five times its price. The MQA hardware decoder is one of a kind and recreates what the artists intended you to hear right in your own listening room. When you hear the first tones coming from a Brooklyn DAC+ you will hardly now what hit you. It’s that good.

The Brooklyn DAC+ sells for € 2.195,-

The Brooklyn DAC+ is the perfect solution for serious music lovers who want to experience true high fidelity. Explore TIDAL’s Master catalogue of MQA encoded (Master Quality Authenticated) music to find out what the artist heard when he made his master recording. Listen to the built in hardware MQA decoder doing its magic with the deblurring and unfolding process. Or just enjoy the hi-res music on Qobuz, Deezer or even Spotify on the Brooklyn DAC+ when connected to your computer via USB. You’ll be amazed.

Hi-res DA converter

The Brooklyn DAC+ is one of the most powerful DA converters around. The state of the art ESS Sabre 9028PRO chipset handles resolutions up to 32bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD up to DSD256 and DXD with a dynamic range of 130dB. Listen to the built in hardware MQA decoder doing its magic with the deblurring and unfolding process. Or just enjoy the hi-res music on Qobuz, Deezer or even Spotify on the Brooklyn DAC+. You’ll be amazed.


When streaming music or listening from a digital source doesn’t do it for you, you can connect your turntable to the Bridge’s analogue inputs. Simply switch them from line to phono MM or MC via the menu options and enjoy your analogue music captured on vinyl. The DAC+ simply ticks all boxes.

Balanced, Dual Mono design and Clockgenerator

The internal circuitry of the Brooklyn DAC+ is fully balanced and dual mono to ensure the most proper way of handling the audio signal. The Mytek Femtoclock Generator eliminates internal jitter to a measly 0.82 pico seconds.

Easy operation

We’ve presented the wide range of musical playback options the DAC+ has to offer, so this is where the ease of use comes in. Via four tiny buttons and a rotary push dial you can control all functions and see what you are doing in the hi-res LCD display. You’ll be amazed of how fast you can control complex options, up to the dimming and color options of the Mytek logo.

Headphone amplifier

The DAC+ also comes with a reference high current, high transient headphone amplifier to which you can connect two headphones simultaneously. Via an optional cable you can combine the two jack outputs to one truly balanced one. The headphone amplifier outputs 500mA/6W and is designed to drive the most demanding of headphones.

Easy on the eyes, feast for the ears

While you are bound te rediscover your own music collection because of the sheer musicality of the DAC+, you’ll be pleased the display has more functions than simply display available options. The secondary display function can show album art of your streaming music, volume, input selection or resolution. If that’s still too much, you can even dim it altogether.





  • small half width form factor
  • for the more demanding music lover
  • five digital inputs (AES/EBU, 2x S/PDIF, USB, optical TOSlink) and one analog (line or phono with gnd) input
  • word clock in and outputs (BNC)
  • balanced and unbalanced outputs
  • trigger input
  • two headphones outputs (one when balanced)
  • multi-functional hi-res LCD display
  • for hi-res playback, including MQA
  • with MM/MC phono preamp
  • discrete balanced dual mono design
  • low jitter design (0.82ps)
  • analog or digital volume control
  • matt black and frosted silver
  • solid aluminium front
  • 100~240V AC and 12V DC inputs
  • weight: 1,6 kg
  • dimensions: 216 x 205 x 44mm
  • 2 years warrant
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